Nannies Nursery
Located in the heart of the bustling “Zuidas” in the South of Amsterdam, Nannies Nursery offers an oasis of peace within a busy corporate environment. Nannies Nursery is a new day-care centre that favours quality, love, care, and flexibility. We offer day-care for children from the ages of 2 months up to 13 years.
We have a beautiful nature garden that is very big by Amsterdam standards and there is also a baby garden so that even the littles ones have a safe place to be outside in.

Drop by & Visit Nannies Nursery
We would love to meet you and your child. Our Nannies are happy to give you a tour and answer all your questions.
Nannies Nursery. More than a good feeling.

Nannies Nursery and Nature.
Nature can contribute to a child’s health and wellbeing in a unique way.
Nannies Nursery opens February 2019!

Childcare for today’s parents
These days, people are always busy juggling careers, childcare, studies, exercise, and, of course, their social life. Nannies Nursery wants to support you in this so that you can spend more quality time with your child. We cater to your needs!

Every child is unique. Every child is special. No child is better than another, but they all have their own personality. We want to help your child be the best it can be by stimulating him or her as much as possible and by making a positive contribution in all possible areas of development. This way children can become the best version of themselves!

Nannies Nursery
Nannies Nursery…….caring and engaged. Wellbeing = Security, Safety, Stability, Self-confidence.
These connected values are what Nannies Nursery stands for.
‘A place of comfort’ where rest and regulation are the order of the day. Where everyone is welcome and every voice is heard.
A challenging childcare centre where your child can do fun things and have a good time. Where every child can be absorbed in play and activities resulting in: education and development. A wonderful place where memories are made that they will think back to warmly later in life. Where your child always sees the same familiar Nannies that understand him or her. In other words: ‘a home away from home’.