Every day, we organize activities that stimulate your child’s development. Children are naturally inquisitive and like to discover things. We ask the children questions, challenge them and make sure our themes and activities are geared to their stage of development.
Every month we have a new theme, such as a profession, festivals or family. For example if the theme is a profession we can have a fireman come by to talk about his job and do an activity that relates to the theme and the fireman.

Examples of activities:
• Reading stories
• Imitation and roleplay
• Singing and making music
• Morning exercises and child yoga
• Playing outside
• Painting and drawing
• Sowing seeds and harvesting crops in the vegetable garden

We also stimulate different areas of development in other ways. For example, when we eat fruit we stimulate the following areas of development:
– Sensory development (seeing, feeling and tasting the fruit)
– Language development (talking about the fruit)
– Cognitive development (by indicating where the fruit grows and where it comes from)
– Development of motor skills (peeling the fruit)
– Development of social skills (eating together)