In today’s society, people are always busy juggling careers, childcare, studies, exercise, and, of course, their social life. We want to offer support and make your life easier wherever possible!
Why choose Nannies Nursery:
♥ Nannies Nursery The name says it all. A day-care centre provided by nannies. They shape our responsible educational practices. They represent quality and to guarantee this quality continuous schooling is essential. The nannies are offered annual training so they can continue to develop their skills and your child can reap the benefits.
♥ Flexible opening times are negotiable (standard times 07:30 – 18:30 hours). We offer customised child care.
♥ Hot, organic vegetarian lunch We guarantee that your child will receive all necessary nutrients at Nannies Nursery. Moreover, seeing others eat, makes children hungrier!
♥ Laundry service ‘Accidents’ will happen during potty training and nappies will get dirty. We think it’s ‘unsanitary’ to hand parents dirty clothes that have been in a plastic bag all day. Quite often, the bag will end up under a car seat and the clothes will be so dirty that you will end up getting rid of them. There is a better way. For us, it is not too much effort to wash your child’s clothes so that you can take them home clean and tidy. We offer the laundry service at no extra costs, only after you give us written consent.
♥ Pick-up and drop-off service for your child. Do you have an important meeting in the morning or do does your afternoon meeting run late? We can make sure your child is safely picked up in the morning and returned home at the end of the day. We work with a reliable taxi service with experience in transporting children.
♥ The Nannies Nursery app Take a look behind the scenes every day. We keep you informed of their child’s daily routine and his or her development. We also share photos of your child with you. And the app allows you to deal with any administration work very quickly.
♥ Annual photograph A lasting memory for the future.
♥ Hairdresser Once a month, a hairdresser drops by so that the children can get used to the experience and learn to feel comfortable getting a haircut. The hairdresser has experience with very young children and makes sure your child ‘enjoys getting a haircut’.
♥ Coming soon: Open 365 days a year, including holidays and weekends.