At Nannies Nursery we value good, healthy food. We make sure your child enjoys a well-balanced, healthy and tasty meal full of vitamins and minerals every day. We offer fresh hot meals that are not only varied, but also organic, without added preservatives. This helps the children develop a healthy eating pattern.
From the age of 6 months, the children will not only be given the bottle, but will also be given a fruit and vegetable snack made with fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables.
From the age of 9 months, the children will get a hot, fresh lunch. In the evenings, children are often tired and not in the mood for a hot meal. That’s why it is a comforting thought that they won’t be missing out on essential nutrients. Together with their little friends, they will discover new flavours and textures. Children often encourage each other to eat foods they refuse to try at home.
At Nannies Nursery we offer healthy and varied products. We adhere to the advice given by the Voedingscentrum (the Netherlands Nutrition Centre).
• Fruit
• Daily fresh, hot lunch
• Organic products
• Vegetable snack (cucumber, peppers, avocado, cherry tomatoes and baby carrots)
• Crackers (with hummus, honey, apple syrup)
• No meat
• Dairy (Yoghurt)