The parents’ committee has an advisory, monitoring and stimulating role. It is the parents’ committee’s goal to act in the interests of the children and parents and to represent them by influencing policy. The parents’ committee formulates advice and also points out problems. The parents’ committee is entitled to offer advice on the following subjects:
1. The implementation of the quality policy (including the number of Nannies, the group size, educational requirements for Nannies, the use of trainee Nannies and the sound execution of the work.)
2. Food related subjects, general policy regarding upbringing, safety, health and hygiene.
3. Opening times.
4. Policy regarding play and development activities.
5. Laying down or changing the complaints procedure and appointing members of the complaints committee.
6. Changes to the day-care rates.
There will be regular meetings, but the committee itself decides how often the meetings occur. Each group (or stamgroep) will be represented by several parents. From these parents a chairperson and a secretary will be chosen.

If you want to join the parents’ committee or if you have questions based on this information, you can contact the location manager.
Until the parents’ committee has been appointed, we will get input from the parents through ‘alternative parent consultation’. Through newsletters we will regularly ask parents for advice on issues for which the parents’ committee has advisory powers.