Afternoon naps are very important for small children. After a nap, children have more energy and are more focussed and more able to learn new things. To maximize sleep enjoyment we need optimal facilities. The cots have been approved by the Keurmerkinstituut (Certification Institute).
Apart from that, the sleep suites at Nannies Nursery have been fitted with windows that open so that the suites can be ventilated properly. This sets us apart from many other day-care centres that offer sleep spaces without daylight or windows that open.
Fresh air and a good CO2 climate are very important, since these stimulate development, concentration and alertness. If the CO2 levels are too high, this can result in poor concentration, sleep deprivation and tiredness. Basically, the brain ends up getting too little oxygen.

This is why our sleeping quarters are fitted with CO2 meters that are constantly monitored through an app by our Nannies.
What does a CO2 meter do?
It allows you to monitor the air quality inside the room and be more conscious of using the available forms of ventilation, such as windows and vents.
The Dutch Health Authority states: ‘In each room that is frequented by multiple children for long periods of time the CO2 level should not exceed 1.000 ppm.’ This means that all of our rooms need to be fitted with a CO2 meter so that the CO2 concentration can be monitored constantly; this is necessary since each measurement is momentary!