We offer trainees and professionals-in-training the possibility to gain professional experience. No more than a third of the number of Nannies in our day-care centre will be made up of trainees and professionals-in-training.
Every trainee and professional-in-training will be paired with a trainee supervisor from our organization. Trainees and professionals-in-training will have the opportunity to gain skills and work experience that are part of their curriculum and are required by their school. They will work within the group as much as possible, depending on their abilities. They will be allowed to perform the following tasks under the guidance of a certified Nanny:
• Provide care regarding food and hygiene
• Learn and implement the daily schedule
• Monitor the children
• Supervise children in groups
• Supervise children individually
• Read and add to the handover
• Prepare, discuss, perform and evaluate activities
• Change nappies and help children go to bed and get up
• Work on their own independence
• Attend group meetings and team meetings
• Welcome parents and children during drop off time
From the second year they will, under the supervision of a qualified professional, hand over children to parents at pick-up times
• Attend the 10 minute meetings

Become a Nanny at Nannies Nursery!
Nannies Nursery offers an oasis of peace within the busy corporate environment of the Amsterdam “Zuidas”. We are an international day-care centre where you’ll meet children and parents from all over the world. After all, we are all citizens of the world.
We are looking for pedagogical workers to strengthen our team of Nannies. Nannies are key to our organization. As a Nanny at Nannies Nursery, you will support the children in their development and put our educational policy into practice within the groups.
You will be responsible for the day to day care and guidance of children between the ages of 0 and 4. The work at Nannies Nursery is based on a well-considered educational policy. When it comes to the children our main focus is development, safety and care. We offer a safe and stable environment. And of course we pay personal attention to the children and their parents. Our core values are care and commitment. You need a relevant diploma on MBO/HBO level (intermediate or high vocational education in social educational work).
Nannies Nursery is a new day-care centre that offers many career opportunities. Together with the other Nannies you will form a close-knit group that stands for quality, professionalism and joy. As a Nanny at Nannies Nursery you will have a lot of input. That is how we can all make Nannies Nursery our own!